Dump 04.18.2021.18.43.PM

Monitor-Tabby: Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies, in this dump, we speak to dr Bheemaiah, on the origins of CoreDump and the pedagogy of Infotainment.

Dr Bheemaiah: I started CoreDump, because I thought that code should be not only well commented, but include stories as well, spending long hours in a cubicle shifting though thousands of lines of poorly documented source code, the drudgery was obvious!

So much so that the Cubicle-RV was born and the plan, for a weekend escape, with the cubicle to that secret place in the woods….

In that secret place, tech meets stories, and CoreDump is born.

Welcome to CoreDump, the One Stop For Techies…

Dump 01.18.2022.17.45.PM

Lisa: Maybe CoreDump is more like a debug message for the Google Crawler, registers on DOI and a way at SETI, maybe we need a CoreDump of the planet and transmit it out to space…., for help, here is Earth’s…

Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies. We bring animated cartoons as Gif images with Geechu the simian yogan as he merges Qigong, yoga and spiritual dances….

Dump 01.15.2022.15.02.PM

Gecko: We welcome Geecho, the Geech Geech Manganna, or Simian….

Geecho: We have invented provable security, provable ML and now…

Welcome to CoreDump, the One Stop for Techies!

In this episode we continue with PML examples with TLA+ formal specs for consensus and fault tolerance design patterns, we introduce an example from GitHub, a one-step byzantine consensus algo, for IoT sensor fusion, maybe you can write it in RavaTTT actions?

Welcome to CoreDump, the One Stop For Techies.

Dump 01.04.2022.16.10.PM

In this dump, the Trio talk about a new quasi particle called The Hogs Particle….

Gecko: So what is the ‘Hogs’ particle?

Trio: A new bosonic quasi particle, with a very short lifetime, we are looking for it in a…

Welcome to CoreDump, The One Stop For Techies, in this Dump, Rita, of Rita.JS practices detox to detox the IP!

Dump: 01.03.2022.18.46.PM

Gecko: Is provable security really possible, I thought formal programming was just a fad, not really practical and died a natural death?

Rita: No , far from a…

Welcome to CoreDump, The One Stop for Techies.

Dump 01.01.2022.14.28

Lisa: I witnessed a long procession of techies, dressed in black, with some coffin and wreaths of sorts, they told me it was an annual event, the death of biological sciences, a sort of peace truce between the mountains and…

Anil Kumar B

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