Somewhere in my understanding of the term Annata, the promise of that other worldly knowledge of the non self, a state of selfless transcendence, was the ordinary relation of society to the self, a democratic identity, larger than public records, ID cards and the digital reality, the Me, was I…

Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies.

In this episode Monitor Tabby talks to Lisa about the ButtTTT, but this, then that, to add to IFTTT.

Dump 10.03.2021.18.41

Gecko: People are missing tails and are either left butt type and artistic or right butt type and analytical, wonder if…

Welcome to CoreDump, the One Stop for Techies.

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I just spotted this youtube video series, “Mother , the Mountain Farm”, the best marketing for agroecology, in stunning rainforest visuals, and something better than Borat, the perfect UX, Green Bras and a slack jeans pant!

With a basket of wild produce, …..

Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies.

In this episode welcome Am-moo the queen or mother of cows as she says, Moo says the Holy Cow.

Dump 07.13.2021.17.09

Am-moo was the queen, or rather mother of cows from the gaushala, somewhere northbound in the Himalayas.

In this episode, Auroch introduces sound…

made with canva

10,000 B.C may have been an Utopian era, but as depicted in the movie franchise, it had “early man”, in a struggle for freedom!

At B.C, the Open A.I like company, generating IP has been more design centric, so to uplift teh common programmer, from the shackles of brute force…

I had the misfortune of owning a granite kitchen sink, with a disagreement with the local manufacturer and his bull, on the convexity of the sink, I pointed out a defect that water did accumulate at several convexities in the sink, and when that was not fixed, the food leftovers actually transmorgified to dark matter, a dark matter that still haunts me.

Just what is this dark matter, is it another state of matter? Another kind of particle system, Axions, Darkions, does it have a complete image of a human in it, can it spawn primordial life, did humanity just emerge from such leftovers in a kitchen sink?

Much like the famed table top experiments, I propose a series of kitchen sink experiments and who knows, dark matter may be discovered, that too by the feminists, maybe that is their origin too?

The Revanth Effect is defined in diversity as the correction, added to the misguided artist, who depicts essential rain bearing dark clouds, in the context of afro-american demographics, this tragic artistic misendaevor of misintrepreting the natural in so unnatural themes, is the tragedy.

The Revanth effect , seen on the…

Imagine you are that master programmer, who wins the contest, the best code, algorithms, and design, and you are at Nathan’s home, deep in Canadian Wilderness, and Ava has left you all alone, with a dead Nathan, and a home.

Will you wander the woods, in search of civilization, or…

Anil Kumar B

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