At 8 feet tall, I share the sky with my other giant associates, towering redwoods, sequoias and even silk cotton trees, trees, who aim to the sky to much the same heights.

An archive of all my medium articles is always available on Amazon kindle, for those who support my creative endeavors. I am a freelance science fiction author and a scientist by profession. My contributions are far beyond our times, so much in the future that the science, technology and math is really part of the story, the scifi, I write, and hence mathematical science fiction, complete with the KM, ontologies and metaphysics.

Two decades ago, I was cheated into formal education, a PhD from University of Wisconsin, Madison and a bachelors from IIT Madras, both top schools, it took me two decades to recover from that debauchery, to the freedom of the wilderness, and thus was born a forest academy, the wildernessdojo, Coredump, a series of articles I author with Geometric, the cartoons that add to this are a statement of creativity, stemming from open course ware from around the world, proving the everyday nature of even the most challenging problems, mere toys in the eyes of the Trio, Calvin, Hobbes and Lisa, all six years old.