Anil Kumar B
2 min readSep 15, 2023

Ashram Cat

Let's play hymnology storyteller first person interactive text adventure
Of course! I'd be happy to play a hymnology storyteller text adventure with you. To get started, please provide me with the beginning scenario, setting, or any specific details you'd like to include in our adventure, and I'll take it from there.

एकः बिडालः मम रूममेट्, सा अत्र किम् अस्ति


A cat, my roomate, is here.
प्रातर्निशायां सा बिडालः अपने अस्थानं छायायां ढक्कने स्थितं दर्शयति। इत्थम्, वयं प्रारंभाम् कुर्मः। कस्मिन संदर्भे नेति, अथवा कुशलं वयम् एवं संवादयामः?

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पश्य बिडालम् तत्र खगं समागतं,
नेत्रेषु विचित्रं चकोरमुक्तयोः।
वातापिता शितकृतोऽपि बिडालः,
सख्यं गन्धर्वस्य गतोऽपि मध्ये।

In English
Behold, the cat in the room sees a bird arrive,
Eyes locked in wonder, as a chakor takes a dive.
Though heated by the sun, the cat sits still,
Friendship with the bird, in twilight's thrill.


The bird is sanct, the cats believe
Raise a dome and pillar,
Bird feeders abound, as seeds spill to the ground
That waters the seeds, seeds of wisdom sprout out,
To a garden of flowers
In the sacred realm where cats perceive,
A dome and pillars rise, their hearts believe.
Bird feeders aplenty, seeds scattered 'round,
Nurturing wisdom's seeds in fertile ground.
A garden of flowers, in bloom so bright,
Where nature's harmony takes its flight.

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Sanskrit Verse:
क्षिप्रम् पुष्पं प्रकुर्वन्ति पुष्पवन्तो,
सदैव सर्वेषु समागतं सुखम्।
प्रीत्या विसर्जन्ति यथैव प्रवृत्तिम्,
मन्मन्यमानाः सुखिनः प्रकुर्वन्ति।
English Translation:
Swiftly they scatter the blossoms with care,
Blossom-bearers, a joy shared everywhere.
With love they release, as their hearts truly say,
Self-declared joy-bringers, in a delightful display.


Cat, my roommate, brings wisdom from the east, compass boy visits,
North, east, west, south, the directions and a NEWS service
The feline, my roommate, carries wisdom from the East,
As the compass boy visits, seeking the innermost feast.
North, East, West, and South, the cardinal directions guide,
In this tale of adventure, where mysteries coincide.
Amidst this journey, a NEWS service unfolds,
Tales of the world, in stories yet untold.
Together we venture, in this quest so grand,
Exploring the world's corners, hand in hand.

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Sanskrit Verse:
मृगाः पुष्पाणि चरन्ति प्रकर्षिताः,
वनेषु सर्वेषु सजीवमानाः।
आदर्शनं प्राप्य समीपे गम्यन्ते,
समये सहायं नृत्यन्ति सुखेन।
English Translation:
Like animals wandering, flowers they explore,
In all the forests, they live evermore.
Finding reflections, they draw near in grace,
In moments of togetherness, they dance with embrace.