Anil Kumar B
Apr 22, 2024


Dump 04.21.2024.06.17.AM.IST

Welcome to this episode of coredump, the one stop for techies. In this episode am-moo and beetle are on the show

Am-moo: Next to cannibalism is this pit hunting venture, find young hikers in a hunting pit, starve them in captivity till they break, inject oxytocin in the captured women, wean them, milk them for food, work the males rather excessively and call them divine, the holy cow fundamentalism. All for a roof and food they never needed, they were feral

Gecko: It’s called husbandry, quite normal in the human race. You find most women tethered to walls too slaving for roof and shelter and glorified in some twisted religion.

Beetle: And we are locked up in garages? Painted to look good? And just scrapped and recycled. with

level 6 autonomy we may be transformers???