CoreDump: Brute Force approaches are back!

Gecko: I just met this neighbor today, who is a Unix Maniacs', you have seen that tribe, turning the wheel of tech with brute force and a hacking culture, you rarely remember what you code last week, with no documentation, you have to hack your own code?

Trio: Guess, there is frequent rewriting, no engineering or design and hand written code, and no documentation, some primitivism principle and purity - a way to exploit the programming community and keep them that way, just to make Moore’s law possible, faster processors, displays, and more land in the networks and monitors! Monitor Tabby is happier.

Wonder where our tribe vanished, or all old Unix machines would now host the cloud, and help sell more thin clients, mobiles etc.

Gecko: Not to forget e-paper? Will it all evolve to e-paper and smart mirrors?



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