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In this episode Monitor Tabby talks to Lisa about the ButtTTT, but this, then that, to add to IFTTT.

Dump 10.03.2021.18.41

Gecko: People are missing tails and are either left butt type and artistic or right butt type and analytical, wonder if the corpus callosum is really a CR2032?

Lisa: Maybe it is all in the tails? I invented a new event language for digital transformation called ButtTTT, But this , then that, sensors are always asking for attention , so but this then an action. But this, that, and that, and so much more, a sensor fusion?

Calvin: Maybe this language is for many events, a large number, so many buts? and butts?

Lisa: It should be easy to define one, centered on Alexa’s twerking teddies? The Butt’ illegence? So many Buts to Alexa?

I will start on creating one, with a similar syntax to IFTTT, loops, APIs, poll watch, filters and maps? Anything else to add?

Gecko: The buts require a mention of every sensor, But.sensor[i]->action()

with But.Event(sensor[i]) and But.filter,, and actions including loop() and API()

Maybe every sensor has a definition to an event space, large integrations.

Lisa: ButtTTT, could be for efficient large sensor integrations than RAVATTT and IFTTT!

Will get to implementing a portal soon!

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