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Geometric by Dr Bheemaiah Anil K

Welcome to Core Dump, the One Stop for Techies, in this episode Gecko and the Trio, design a parser with GNU Bison and Jison for the COOL language, from the edx course by Stanford.

Dump 12.12.2021.13.47

Trio: We just audited this compiler course from Stanford, using the classroom object-oriented language, we have the formal definition for COOL, it is:


Can we just use Jison to create a parser?

The Trio


Yeah a GUI for the parser is available on JISON Debugger.

You can either paste a Bison syntax definition of the COOL language or compile the parser on the github repository linked above, CLI = GUI?

Trio: That simple, a scanner and a parser, and a graphical tree output and a JSON dump. Can we convert this JSON to DOM or XML, maybe XML to code generate and optimize, or the JSON itself.

Gecko: The JSON is persisted and scanned to a backend map, I can author to ready code? A ready compiler? Proving the Code like a Droid approach, all we need to learn are the CFG grammars?



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