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In this episode welcome Am-moo the queen or mother of cows as she says, Moo says the Holy Cow.

Dump 07.13.2021.17.09

Am-moo was the queen, or rather mother of cows from the gaushala, somewhere northbound in the Himalayas.

In this episode, Auroch introduces sound business practices in coops, like Amul coop. Marketing cock and bull stories, an advertisement and marketing based economy and selling plain Bull Shit. People are sustainable with the Bull Shit!

Am-moo: dr bheemaiah, has introduced potty training at the goshala, since going vegan is fashionable, and we are not exploited anymore by hindu diaspora, we are celebrating the freedom. In the eat right shit right movement.


Sounds feminist.


We have special piss pots and shit places, and the cow pee, considered sacred, is reverse osmosis and bottled to Himalayan Secrets, our brand of potable water, the dung is blended with shredded dry leaves as biomass fuel. For biolite like stoves. Really sustainable. Dr Bheemaiah is researching all aspects of this.


I guess biomass is now sustainable


We have always used dung as fuel and dry leaves. Instead of wood, these blends work great as peltier generate power, and with autonomous electric wagons powered by peltier stoves.

Recently I reviewed published literature and several universities have developed automated machinery and the right blends of dung as a binding agent and various leaf litter species, optimized for the best ash and lowest particulate matter, despite all that propaganda against E100 and Biomass, since we have used them from the beginning of time, it continues to be sustainable especially with an indigenised Biolite.


Won’t Biolite monopolize the market share of vortex fire, controllable stoves?

Am-moo: No the product is priced beyond the market, so we will need indigenized cost effective solutions, with many more peltier units, 8 watts of power is too little, we may need at least 100 watts.


Co-ops have now taken a corporate structure, like Amul, they are successful, Cowvertise, the coop as a spiritual agro ecological Miyawaki is the latest venture, with retired bovine, donning blankets with T-Shirt swag and messages, hymns and advertisements…., in the local micro economy, right in the currents of e-commerce. Like Ram and Lakshman Camping Grounds, a private camping site close to IIT Mandi, advertizes, “Ram the shelter for everyone”, they are philanthropic too, While Sita Laundromat, close by, providing much needed laundry services advertises, Been worshipping Lord Varuna since 200,000 BC?

Most people, who want their retired Bovine, treated well, send them here, where they shelter under Brikawood pyramids and free range, with revenues, from advertising, potable water and biomass technologies, a scalable solution, sustainable, with an annual income of 100k from one animal alone.

A single bovine produces 13 litres of urine a day and at a retail price of Rs 700 for that profits are about 500 a day or 150k a year, apart from advertising returns and biomass returns, at least 10k a year.