CoreDump: Datamining is the in thing.

Monitor-Tabby: Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies, in this episode Auroch and Gecko talk about the field of data-mining and how it is important to the survival of the species.

Auroch: Being bullish, I see great trends in the market, improved consumerism and of course conservation.

Gecko: The conservation of the consumerist is on top of the agenda, today due to great progress in technology, man and beast are actually equal!

see this excerpt from Wikipedia.


Electronic tags are giving scientists a complete, accurate picture of migration patterns. For example, when scientists used radio transmitters to track one herd of caribou, they learned two important things. First, they learned that the herd moves much more than previously thought. Second, they learned that each year the herd returns to about the same place to give birth. This information would have been difficult or impossible to obtain with “low tech” tags.”

Auroch: Does this have something to do with the western hemisphere tagging their citizens? For example in England they want to implant every citizen with NEC RFID tags?

Gecko: The human mainstream has realized that wearing cellphone based hand-collars is essential in a competitive landscape, a need for their survival as social and anthropology engineers track them to better understand and conserve them. For example, we are not still sure where humans spend more money, at water holes? On which food products and how they migrate or commute, are they safe? or conserved? All this data is key to their survival, and data mining is the in thing, a way to study them for their own sake!

Auroch: Maybe it has to do with breeding better stock? Do you think the stock of mainstream humans has deteriorated? What strains should we better cultivate and keep well fed? Better cereals? and the feed? media? entertainment and information?

Gecko: All are emerging fields , lead in the same direction, personalization, of medicine, consumerism and entertainment, all necessary for the conservation and competitiveness of the species.

Auroch: So their leaders and intellectuals will continue to be led on a leash, brought to the podum to perform, interesting tricks and miracles, pep talks and speeches, all performing animals.

Gecko: You miss the circus and the zoos.

Auroch: I hope you cover it all well in insurance.

Gecko: Yes, flo does that, it is progressive!