Anil Kumar B
2 min readFeb 7, 2024


Dump 01.06.2024.07.41.AM.IST

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Gecko: are motorcycles safe? They don't have seat belts…

Lisa: neither do buses, my school bus lacks them, and so do public buses and trains. I would trust only an automobile with them, or Uber I guess.

Gecko: Maybe they would make helmets and airbag jackets mandatory for public transport, a huge market. They would rake in billions.

Lisa: why not 3d print helmets and jackets, we are rich!

Gecko: Laws exist to make us rich I guess, imagine a new culture of helmets and gladiators, masked helmets, helmets with horns, Bluetooth ones, even space helmets with clean air? Nestle air, lead a pure life ….

Lisa: ChatGPT estimates 8–9 billion trips in 2024, estimating ~ 10E9 commuters, and at a health 2% market share we have 2 million helmets sold a year to additive manufacturing, at a healthy 10 dollars profit we have 10 million dollars to rake in, to the additive club!

Gecko: Obeying the law is profitable, so much for the free economy …

And to cover all those lies that motorcycles are unsafe, now public transport is too.

We are selling helmets though, customizable ones.