CoreDump: Gecko discover the Boot Storage.

Dump: 04.11.2021.11.59.AM

Monitor Tabby: Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies.

Gecko: Wonder if there is a boot savings on insuring a sedan instead of a hatchback, wonder what the boot space is all about?

Lisa: The marketing gets to me, the other day, I saw a stick thin lady being roughed up by a backing sedan, for boot space!

Wonder if they are going to continue marketing sedans as ‘up the social ladder’ from honest hatchbacks.

Gecko: I still love the hatchbacks, the wagons and that era, it was universal, every culture did evolve with a wagon, and lived in one….

Lisa: Maybe hatchbacks will win from crossovers, to compacts and sub compacts, maybe there are insurance subsidies in a fifth door instead of a large boot, maybe there is no more booting, A better world?

Gecko: A fifth door then….

Lisa: and the Sun/ Moon roof!