CoreDump: Lizard-in-the-Loop paradigms.

Anil Kumar B
2 min readMay 19, 2022

Similar to Human Centered Designs, Gecko a lizard himself , introduces Lizard in the Loop, AI models.

Monitor Tabby: Discovery Channel has disgusting marketing, targeted at a basic insecurity of living, they expect the community, the public to be ahead, with popular science jargon, and jargon alone, from hours of television watching ….

They have a coaxial based white space into which things, creatures and even people can just fall! Some pet anoles fall into this all the time, and hopefully survive.

Gecko: Maybe a Lizard in the Loop design with the drones and robotics could prevent this, maybe pet substrates and pet robotics with pet monitors could eliminate this disease.

This design paradigm would have pet robotics learn from pets, using pet utterances and body language, like tail languages, did you know humans are missing out on this, denied a tail? Unlike a dolphin they have yet, no tails, a future evolution when they rediscover, tail languages, whistle and click languages? Are not the present humans behind avian, reptiles and cetaceans?

Being a reptilian myself, Lizard in the Loop theories are better reflex's, better innovation, better survival, and pet behavior AI models, evolving a simple pet monitor to a mobile drone or terrestrial robotics, maybe climbing robots too, the leader-follower model is universal to humans and animals, all of whom use leadership models, but pets have better synergy based dynamics and better emergent AI, which humans lack.