CoreDump: Meet a Task Rabbit

Monitor-Tabby: Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies. In todays episode we have task rabbits with us, they constitute a range of intelligent , super smart bunnies, who are handy men, tool men and assemblers, more or less predating the compiler!

Task-Rabbit: I really don’t have much of a name left, or an identity, most of it was stolen quite legally serving the human kind, given the present consumerism, even our names and identities are consumed, and it is just not enough, so we multiply…….

Gecko: You just identify a task-rabbit by facial recognition, Oh, I remeber you from last time, you were great at the task, my life is soo soo much simpler now!

Task-Rabbit : Phew, wish we remembered our names! Dementia is so much the norm. Anyway, Dr Bheemaiah, invented smart tools, tools you can train with amplification, it makes it much easier to work and train too, with electrical engineering like transfer functions, great math to learn! I bought a TI calculator for that and can feed math to my power tools. It is twice the fun!

Gecko: I guess it is useful in space tech, and on earth , here too…..