CoreDump: Meet Miss DrainHole.

Welcome to CoreDump, the one-stop for techies, in this story, gecko goes beyond horizontal and vertical portals, to meet Miss DrainHole, the one and only hole in his life! Will he stop there or fall through? We discover in a new chapter of computing……

Gecko: I at last understand, what happens, if you chase the vortex…

Calvin: What really? is there a pot of gold?

Gecko: No that is with the rainbow, though you only get skittles these days. I used to know Miss DrainHole, as a beautiful young woman, then realized the truth about the species.

Calvin: You mean the stink, like Susie Derkins?, you may become filthy rich?

Gecko: Not really, I mean the only exit in my life, since it was mandatory to have exit signs, and all doors led down, I needed a hole to escape. Enter Miss DrainHole.

Calvin: The hole is really the chimney, and Santa, you need to climb up the chimney with active carbon and nanotubes, not go down the drain….

Gecko: Well she saved me, everything went down the drain, and she was, my drain-hole, now I am on the other side in a world that is black and white?

Calvin: Maybe IBM can help, deep thought, deep blue? or maybe xboard, to the game, chess, strategy?

Gecko: Well Geico is the homecoming, instead of being on the line all the time with call center folks, maybe we should join Dr Bheemaiah developing A.I for CRM systems with Google Search API.

Stewie: I prefer coderdojo and the dojo, and ying-yang! I have a Yo-Yo!

Hobbes: I am always, stuffed full of polyester stuffing, not much place for your potato mash leftovers? I am in all worlds simultaneously!

Gecko: Anyway CRM systems are improving with many channels, and my first love, text, unified text, 7-zip text, and RTT, I can search what I want with Google, and with conversational search, I have all the answers and information I need. I make informed decisions, call center employees cannot match that?

Lisa: What people need, is a human on the other end, the human touch, can change lives….

Gecko: I still prefer impersonal search engines, rather than women and staff looking over my shoulder, security following me, it gets sick at times, I prefer impersonal text search, even Alexa all the time gets intrusive…..

Stewie: I remember, at coder dojo, Dr Bheemaiah, is teaching, we are creating a toy operating system, pymacs, and we are adding text zipping to it, maybe a CRM system too? with a slack channel? What about Miss DrainHole, are you serious about her?

Gecko: I did measure her white hand cloth, with a laser gauge, maybe I don’t fit in there and I would avoid a duel with something creepy down the drain…..

Maybe a true green gecko waits for me where it is still green.

Lisa: We remember the words, where it is still green….