CoreDump: Mindfulness and Qi

Dump 12.29.2021.15.38

Welcome to CoreDump, The One Stop for techies.

Gecko: Going off grid, to regenerate from nature is not so bad really? Did you know geckos can camouflage?

Lisa: The Old Tibetan Buddhists always claimed using Qi from the grid was not spiritual, with all that nano particle overload, the grid can be over whelming, even to an electrical techie, off grid without EMI or ambient wireless is a great option, even the tree fort is a natural escape?

Gecko: Everyone meditate outdoors in secrecy; the privacy is important!

Lisa: Imagine being ‘caught’, seeking solitude? By the logical definition of solitude, how is anyone affected? Is the land missing? Or are we sharing the ground or is the land so thin that we are seated on someone?

Gecko: You never know the daemons, they maybe other races of people? Maybe social distancing was invented for this?

Lisa: The tree fort maybe off the ground, and well camouflaged, maybe the daemons don't live….

Gecko: kill -9 does not always work? We need the e-cold virus…

Lisa: I could not understand how it works, just 80 base pairs of machine genome and the power just goes putt!

Gecko: Some advanced civilization!




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Anil Kumar B

Anil Kumar B

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