CoreDump: PCoIP Zero Client based robotics.

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Welcome to this episode of Core Dump, the one stop for techies, in this episode Gecko introduces us to the world of landbots, the much promised but never delivered universal, outdoor robot. While newer lawnmower robots and the new Wyze Car are available, the Universal LandBot is still missing.

Gecko: In CoderDojo exercises, we found python based robotics projects.

Robot Buggy.

Explorer HAT Buggy

RC control your Buggy

We extend that to a LandBot, much like the Wyze Car, but using any Zero Client, like a teradici client.

we need:

  1. any 4 wheel chassis or geared TT wheels with magnets.

Lisa: The hardware assembly should be straightforward, which leaves the rest, the OpenRAN, the VMware or Amazon AMI and the alternatives to a VPC and zero-trust.

To start with we can connect the zero node to a VMware server through PCoIP. Let us use a HP teradici node with VM.

I found this resource, a tutorial to connect to the virtual machine.

Gecko: Connecting to a OpenRAN with 5g should be straightforward too.

To the next episode …



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