CoreDump: PiC Episode 9


Monitor Tabby: Welcome to PiC or Physics in Comics, an edutainment channel, in this episode of CoreDump, we present Episode 9 of PiC, as on, featuring NDE experiences, the drug DMT and a case of 3R’s, a review of the movie, The Lazarus Effect.

Gecko: I just Googled “DMT” to find this reference, the plant ayahuasca , has been traditionally used by Amazon Tribes, and it is produced in the human in near death or death scenarios. Two churches, where the plant is available as a religious amendment is mentioned…

In the movie the drug is used to create a NDE experience with a serum and a high voltage induced resuscitation, much like defibrillation in CPR. But unlike CPR, the movie depicts a zombocalypse? NDE is described, much in a dream like geological setting with DMT claimed to open doors to the soul, in the movie, the protagonist, as a little child in a dream memory state opens the door to a higher reality, depicted as a haze of white and bright light, a common depiction of heavenly gateways…., scientifically the DMT molecule is purely understood with little therapeutic use.

Auroch: I was always for high tech physics and HPC rather than such mad hacking called the biological sciences? Biologists are always this irresponsible, playing God in a mad rush at immortality and preserving youth? Does DMT help in the debate for euthanasia, replacing suicide?

Am-moo: A Big “Moo” to such sciences, maybe alternative lifestyles, and druidic sciences are to return? like the indigenous knowledge mentioned in the link above, a proven cure to addiction, depression and schizophrenia? (the link above mentions vetted and verified Ayahuasca retreat providers)

Auroch : Maybe the 3R’s are in vogue, the dog indicated in the movie was clearly unnecessary, and so was the human experimentation, maybe better CPR technology is needed, with simulations and human centered design? Maybe participatory design by light workers and spiritual channelists?