CoreDump: Plotting Functions.

Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies, Monitor-Tabby introduces plotting functions and much more.

Dump 09.13.2020.09.41.PM

Gecko: You know how Unabomber sat in his Montana Home Plotting?

Lisa: You mean functions on Numworks, the graphing python calculator?

Gecko: No revenge!, I don’t think he used grid electricity, or solar panels, how could he plot with one.

Lisa: It should be fairly harmless to plot continuous functions and boundary functions, even reflect on P and NP. Can a CTM, compute the halting problem? Could proving P=NP do that to a person?

Gecko: Maybe the plotting can Halt hate and violence, maybe that is why the halting problem is so insurmountable, you just cannot stop the hate and violence in first person shooter games, maybe there are first person, USPS games? Mail bombs to addresses?

Lisa: I doubt that, people like the Unabomber, just get even with animals and call it ‘game’, redirected aggression. Some just redirect aggression on helpless women, called ‘domestic abuse’!

Gecko: Maybe mathematics is a way to shunt frustration, plotting functions can be fun!

any closed form expression can be plotted and a whole lot of information is available, like the zeros of a function, the maximum and minimum points, and a whole lot of other information on derivatives, areas under a curve, all of which help in design problems in engineering. In further tutorials, I will introduce design and architecture problems, like designing active filters, designing bridges and much more, where plotting functions is really useful!