CoreDump: Protonics

Welcome to CoreDump, the one stop for techies, hosted by Monitor Tabby, in this episode, the Trio (TM), reveal their secret source of renewable energy, protonics!

Dump 12.26.2021.13.47

Calvin: Our tree fort always ran on protonics, plants evolved PH based computing, all with protons!

Hobbes: We just biomimetic it, with proton conducting gels, and proton computing….

Lisa: I guess like electronics and photonics is protonics, the science of cold fusion, or like Dr Bheemaiah coined the word p++ sciences, the science of cold fusion, like the periodic table, counting in the standard model.

Gecko: So, I guess fusion is possible, cold fusion against the coulomb barrier, macroscopic tunneling?

Trio: We proved it with an experimental demonstration, we stacked a pile of coffee cups, and all that coffee, and energy we put into the fusion-based heaters was less than the thermal energy in the coffee, really a net gain, from fusion, all the coffee was a lot hotter than the energy input into the system!

This is progress!




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Anil Kumar B

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