CoreDump: Provable Security

Anil Kumar B
2 min readJan 3, 2022


Welcome to CoreDump, The One Stop For Techies, in this Dump, Rita, of Rita.JS practices detox to detox the IP!

Dump: 01.03.2022.18.46.PM

Gecko: Is provable security really possible, I thought formal programming was just a fad, not really practical and died a natural death?

Rita: No , far from a fad, it is practical, much like for example the Omega language, formal provable operating systems have always existed and now I am practicing detox with PML, UML in automated reasoning!

Gecko: I thought PML was plant UML, not provable UML?

Rita: Dr Bheemaiah invented a provable UML, and provable security can be authored in this, detox the IP, the DNS and the virtual cloud, all with PML, I am a Detox Guru!

Gecko: So, we need a new library in processor.JS for provable security, we hope there is one soon to execute PML, till then, there must be other languages like Omega!

TLA+ is a popular Automatic Reasoning language, and maybe PML should compile to TLA+, Microsoft, Amazon and Google use TLA+, here is a good article to read….

A gentle introduction to automated reasoning — Amazon Science