CoreDump: Provable Security, Oauth

Anil Kumar B
1 min readApr 4, 2022

Lisa: Dr Bheemaiah was complaining that the oauth is possibly poisoned, is such a thing possible, similar to IAM authentication, how do we add provable security to Oauth and even embed Oauth code?

Gecko: I have a pet theory, I believe people are so headless that materialism provides the head they need?

Lisa: So fraud is really about subsidized mindware? Maybe insurance against fraud may help? So would provable security, with hidden states to live? If IAM and OAuth are proven and so is IP to prevent poisoning or chaining, then one would have better resources than the X project? Imagine the Geico Ad, where Gecko is seen in meditation, peace at last as all IaC is covered, against fraud! Cyber Insurance for data breaches?

Gecko: I guess anything is better than a ghost of the server or an e-cold?

We can write formal specifications for dynamic IP allocation, given the fixed routing, fixed IP allocation from a set of IP addresses, and also firewall and prove a stateful IP non-chaining? Guess we can formulate a PML for this with a state diagram and the state transition classes? Worse implement PML for all security and authentication, cookies, URIs, etc?