CoreDump: The Hogs Particle.

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Dump 01.04.2022.16.10.PM

In this dump, the Trio talk about a new quasi particle called The Hogs Particle….

Gecko: So what is the ‘Hogs’ particle?

Trio: A new bosonic quasi particle, with a very short lifetime, we are looking for it in a new holo crystal storage we have invented, looking for anomalous event detectors we have coded in holo storage, we are actually searching for this particle, as it interacts with very high packets of acoustic energy in a weird diffraction grating!

Gecko: And you detect the ‘Hogs Particle’?

Trio: Yes, and since I cannot quite yet reveal the drawing board to you…, here is a puzzle from The Wall!

Here is an anomaly detector, with dipole-based detection on a passing electron, can you add a ‘Hogs energy resonance detector’ to it, assume the lifetime is 10 femto seconds?




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Anil Kumar B

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