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Dump 01.01.2022.14.28

Lisa: I witnessed a long procession of techies, dressed in black, with some coffin and wreaths of sorts, they told me it was an annual event, the death of biological sciences, a sort of peace truce between the mountains and man!

Gecko: A truce?

Lisa: Yes, biology is a brute force low watt hack and reverse engineering of nature’s design, an infringement on God’s intellectual property! with a costly price, you know what GMO has cost us? The truce is the funeral, the official death of biological sciences and design instead, technology, architecture, code and math, especially math!

Gecko: Sounds like the 3R’s of animal experimentation, ending biology with PhyX, and HPC? Better funded research?

Lisa: More or less the light! - lower costs than dangerous hacking, and a better design, more forward thinking! maybe someday we will invent synthetic food, a simpler set of molecules as food to replicate or 3d print and simpler medicines, than nature makes. The druids and the synths coexist! without infringements on nature?




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