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Dump 05.06.2022.12.16

In this episode the Trio Team with Gecko and Auroch create a Transformer based open ranger, to gather trees, shrubs, and flora for a Miyawaki, the Engineered Woods project, for food plot engineering.

Gecko: Permaculture is the in thing these days, we have joined the movement with an open ranger in lieu of a tractor, to automate tree transplantation and anything smaller.

Lisa: With the tree and plant spades as attachments to the ranger and a transformer to move just anywhere, with Dr. Bheemaiah’s dog-ears framework, statefulness can help automate all tasks, the just learns as you teach and can assist if needed.

Auroch: There sure is a great market for rangers, much like mars rovers, which are all-terrain and need no trails or roads, much like tractors and traction engineering, we have an open rover project, and the paraphilia, with the autonomous navigation and work automation assistance, a provable ML that learns as you teach it and helps when it is repetitive and monotonous.

Calvin: I start with toys, there are several toys available, like Torque, there are many mechanotrons we can invent with the Cybertron clock, and a real clicking Metatron, I can already hear the hum ….

Hobbes: Your tinnitus has yielded, from a pure frequency hum, it is metatronic, and the hum, is alive with transformers. I guess humanity as we know it is doomed.

Lisa: It sure is …



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