CoreDump: The Repl Pattern

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import decimal
import functools
import itertools
import math
import os
import sys
from collections import OrderedDictfrom twisted.internet import reactor, defer, task, utils, threads
from twisted.python import log
from twisted.web import http, resource, server, static
try: import psutil
except ImportError:
psutil = None
class FibResource(resource.Resource):
"""Serve nth fibonacci number on /n request.
Cancel computations on disconnect.
isLeaf = True
def __init__(self, fib):
self.fib = fib
def render_GET(self, request):
def report_timings(request, start=reactor.seconds()):
print >> request, "\n%.0f ms" % (1000*(reactor.seconds() - start),)
# parse URL
try: n = int(request.postpath[0])
except (IndexError, ValueError), e:
return str(e)
# find nth fibonacci number
d = defer.maybeDeferred(self.fib, n)
def finish_request(nth_fibonacci):
def fail_request(reason):
if reason and not reason.check(defer.CancelledError):
# show page with stacktrace
request.notifyFinish().addErrback(lambda _: d.cancel())
return server.NOT_DONE_YET
if psutil is not None:
def report_process_info(request, p = psutil.Process(os.getpid())):
"""Report CPU/memory usage of the process."""
for f in [p.get_memory_info, p.get_threads]:
print >> request, f()
report_process_info = lambda *args,**kwargs: None
def gcd(a, b):
"""Return GCD (greatest common divisor) for positive integers a,b.
>>> gcd(12, 15) == gcd(15, 12) == 3
>>> gcd(1, 100)
>>> gcd(3, 100)
>>> gcd(5, 100)
>>> gcd(10, 0)
while b:
a, b = b, a % b
return a
def cooperator(iterable, n, yield_interval, callback):
- call next(iterable) `n` times
- yield None every `yield_interval` iterations or more times
- call callback with the result of the nth (last) iteration or None
>>> import pprint
>>> list(cooperator(range(1, 10), 5, 3, pprint.pprint))
[None, None, None, None, None]
>>> list(cooperator(range(1, 10), 7, 3, pprint.pprint))
[None, None, None]
f = None
yield_interval = gcd(max(n-1, 1), yield_interval)
for f in itertools.islice(iterable, 0, n, yield_interval):
yield None
def gen2deferred(yield_interval=1):
"""Decorator that converts generator to deferred."""
def gen_decorator(func):
def wrapper(n):
def stop_task(unused_deferred):
try: t.stop()
except task.TaskFailed: pass
d = defer.Deferred(canceller=stop_task)
t = task.cooperate(cooperator(func(n), n+1,
yield_interval, d.callback))
return d
return wrapper
return gen_decorator
def iterfib(n=None, a=0, b=1):
"""Lazely generate fibonacci sequence.
O(n) steps, O(n) in memory (to hold the result)NOTE: each step involves bignumbers so it is actually O(n) in time
while 1:
yield a
a, b = b, a+b
def sicpfib(n):
"""Compute nth fibonacci number. Yielding None during computations.
O(log(n)) steps, O(n) in memory (to hold the result)

Function Fib(count)
a ← 1
b ← 0
p ← 0
q ← 1
While count > 0 Do
If Even(count) Then
p ← p² + q²
q ← 2pq + q²
count ← count ÷ 2
a ← bq + aq + ap
b ← bp + aq
count ← count - 1
End If
End While
Return b
End Function
a, b, p, q = 1, 0, 0, 1
while n > 0:
yield None
if n % 2 == 0: # even
oldp = p
p = p*p + q*q
q = 2*oldp*q + q*q
n //= 2
olda = a
a = b*q + a*q + a*p
b = b*p + olda*q
n -= 1
yield b
def _recfib(n):
>>> _recfib(10)
if n == 0: return 0
if n == 1: return 1
return _recfib(n-2) + _recfib(n-1)
def recfib(n):
"""Unmodified blocking alg.
NOTE: uninterruptable

O(a**n) steps, O(a**n) memory in a thread
return threads.deferToThread(_recfib, n)
def memoize_deferred(threshold):
"""fifo cache limited to threshold items for a function that
returns deferred.
def setcache(value, n):
if len(cache) == threshold: # limit number of items to threshold
cache.popitem(last=False) # fifo
cache[n] = value
return value
cache = OrderedDict()
def decorator(func):
def wrapper(n):
value = cache[n]
return defer.succeed(value)
except KeyError:
d = func(n)
d.addCallback(setcache, n)
return d
return wrapper
return decorator
on_next_tick = lambda f,*a, **kw: task.deferLater(reactor, 0, f, *a, **kw)@memoize_deferred(threshold=3) # remember a few last values
def memfib(n):
"""Return deferred nth fibonacci number."""
if n == 0: f = 0
elif n == 1: f = 1
a = yield on_next_tick(memfib, n-2)
b = yield on_next_tick(memfib, n-1)
f = a + b
def binet_decimal(n, precision=None):
"""Calculate nth fibonacci number using Binet's formula.
O(1) steps, O(1) in memoryNOTE: uninterruptable

>>> map(binet_decimal, range(10))
['0', '1', '1', '2', '3', '5', '8', '13', '21', '34']
with decimal.localcontext() as cxt:
if precision is not None:
cxt.prec = precision
with decimal.localcontext(cxt) as nested_cxt:
nested_cxt.prec += 2 # increase prec. for intermediate results
sqrt5 = decimal.Decimal(5).sqrt()
f = ((1 + sqrt5) / 2)**n / sqrt5
s = str(+f.to_integral()) # round to required precision
return s
binetfib = binet_decimal
def ndigits_fibn(n):
"""Find number of decimal digits in fib(n)."""
phi = (1 + math.sqrt(5)) / 2
return int(n*math.log10(phi)-math.log10(5)/2)+1
def binetfib_exact(n):
"""Call binetfib() with calculated precision.
O(1) *bigdecimal steps*, O(n) in memory
return utils.getProcessOutput(sys.executable,
['-c', """import fibonacci as f, sys
sys.stdout.write(f.binet_decimal({n}, f.ndigits_fibn({n})))""".format(n=n)])
# from twisted/internet/
# modified to kill child process on deferred.cancel()
def _callProtocolWithDeferred(protocol, executable, args, env, path, reactor=None):
if reactor is None:
from twisted.internet import reactor
d = defer.Deferred(canceller=lambda d: p.transport.signalProcess('KILL'))
p = protocol(d)
reactor.spawnProcess(p, executable, (executable,)+tuple(args), env, path)
return d
#HACK: patch t.i.utils
utils._callProtocolWithDeferred = _callProtocolWithDeferred
del _callProtocolWithDeferred
def getFibFactory():
root = resource.Resource()
html = '<!doctype html><html><body><ul>'
for f in [iterfib, sicpfib, binetfib, binetfib_exact,
memfib, recfib,
html += '<li><a href="/{f}/17">{f}</a>\n'.format(f=f.__name__)
root.putChild(f.__name__, FibResource(f))
root.putChild('', static.Data(html, 'text/html'))
return server.Site(root)
def shutdown(reason, reactor, stopping=[]):
"""Stop the reactor."""
if stopping: return
if reason:
portstr = "tcp:1597"if __name__ == '__main__':
import doctest; doctest.testmod()
from twisted.internet import endpoints

endpoint = endpoints.serverFromString(reactor, portstr)
d = endpoint.listen(getFibFactory())
d.addErrback(shutdown, reactor)
else: # twistd -ny
from twisted.application import strports
from twisted.application.service import Application

application = Application("fibonacci")
service = strports.service(portstr, getFibFactory())




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