CoreDump: Who knows it all?

Anil Kumar B
2 min readJun 16, 2020


Welcome to this episode of CoreDump, the one-stop for techies.


Gecko: Who knows so much, about the world, past, present, and future?

Calvin: It must be Amy the tortoise, or Slow, the snail!

Gecko: The proof?

Calvin: They have their homes with them, are never homeless and so must know a lot for mobility, or they would be domiciled every now and then and would be fast asleep?

Slow: We aren’t sleeping, we are living high above, in abstraction, we really live a better life… , why do you ever need speed? Nature is slow, even the birds fly so slowly?

Amy: I must complain of abuse to women, I saw a painting, a naked woman with the world pointing fingers, maybe that is what I look like to people?

Hobbes: While you hide under rocks, you look like one, a moving rock! And all that knowledge and Calcium, all in your shell?

Calvin: Maybe a shell is a knowledge management storage device, we should make one for ourselves too. Like Bash, and the cloud or PowerShell?

Lisa: Backpackers are like that too, they backpack tents, and live abstractly too, they are never homeless and should know a lot?

Brian: I write better in the woods, I and Stewie have our secret escape route from the closet, straight to the secret woods, we know a lot too. Tree dwellers know a lot too, and that is us!

Calvin: So eliminating all the known contradictions, we are left with one fact: Only Sissy girls are ignorant.

Unanimous: The Proof!