Exotic Smell, The Math and Beyond…. 001

Exotic Smell, is a story about the smelly cat, that smell mistaken in illusionism to be material, place, people and time, if olfaction is so mysterious, so is the schizophrenia of homelessness, a membership in the feral nation, but for the hedge, between the two is exotic smell, a strange smell emanating from nowhere and yet everywhere, the essence of the central character of the story, serialized on Kindle Vella.

This story is an instantiation of answer genre of fiction, invented by the author, called mathematical science fiction, whil ethe math seems missing from the Vella episodes, it is omnipresent here in medium and on the Good Reads Blog!

Much of the math here is far more advanced than that in astrophysics journals, but the theory here needs no experimental evidence, it is beyond proof, it forms a fantastical world of science fiction, beyond the physical realm.

In this first episode on the math and beyond is the math of artificial gravity, the gravity that forms the attraction to mass on the synth moon, the anisotropy of directions, the four corners, the four directions, the asymmetry of an up and a down?

If you wonder how, I dreamt of this theory and if it is even practical, I would say, it is experimentally impossible and mere fantasy, a space creature really whispered it to a little bird, who then whispered it in my ear! That space creature is really a giant interstellar whale, migrating across galaxies, and in my vacuum tube, where the vacuum is really near deep space, can I hear it on that carbon speaker, and a little bird translates it for me.

The math has the most important equation, that of asymmetry, if Lie Groups depict symmetry, here in gauge, we have an anisotropy in gravity, the emergence of the up and down directions in space, an axis of magnetism and the four directions. Let us define an ontology O, with an object representation, to a set S = {[U, D] ,[N, E, W, S] }

The existence of S.U and S.D separating from S.o the singularity event o, as representing some origin of the anisotropy which could be a booting process, the ‘birth’ of the artificial gravity from that very consciousness of the planet, the gravity of the synth moon is the applicability in augmented reality to S.

Thus S.o -> S.[U, D] (1)

The anisotropy [U<->D] has many properties, describable in a closure operation on S, defined by Closure(S), defined on the ontology in a higher order functional calculus.

In order to prevent any reader from ‘flooring’ on this plane that boots from the sea of consciousness, is a transhumanist filter F, as described in the Vella novel, the filter prevents the interaction of any reader with this hypothetical gravity!

The novel then describes in several of its episodes, the opposing worlds which unite in a oneness, possible only in space, and not in any of the multiverse on Earth. The closure(S) is an essential, definition of S, in all events of space time, as boot strapped from S.o, much like the celestial temple of Bajor. The closure is of life!

Buddhism is essentially, a definition of transcendence from this closure and the endless orbits of energy, mass and time around each other. In the next episode we can discover the two and more worlds of S, as described in the novel.