Freeranging Simians.

Anil Kumar B
2 min readOct 9, 2023


Set amidst a samadhi, standing tall, a concrete enclave enwraps the original meditation cave of an ancient seer, named Yogi Narayana Yatendra,

but this cave is home to yet another secret, a troop of bonnet macaques, who call it home.

Home has been not just urban forests, but temples where Simians have dwelt in harmony with the masses, free ranging,

they have adopted to urbanization and the onslaught of development with an efficiency unmatched in the human species, probably outliving all human races.

We came first ….

Monkeys have been revered as representative of Vaanars, the sacred primate races, and Lord Hanuman, the most revered of primates in mythology.

Several Hanuman temples abound in the Indian Subcontinent and beyond, coupled with the temple sacred groves, they are an ancient rewilding, conservation of rare and endangered flora in small temple sacred groves.

A call for lasting peace, a measure to rewild, when primates remind us of that sacred dulty, the Sanatana Dharma, of rewilding the urban landscape, of a market for nature's equity, biodiversity and carbon credits.