Homage to an experimentalist.

Peter Lipton was an important part of my life, and I was shocked to see his obituary today, he died in 2019 from cancer of the adrenal cortex.

The physiologists are treated badly in the neurophysiologist community, racism that I am ashamed of, so ashamed that I volunteer to walk out of the building and stand bending my head in shame, in shame at the discrimination to high altitude physiologists!

Peter Lipton often told me that he used to be so naive, and finally conquered the feminine figure in his life, I still remain that naive, so naive that I use ‘Bhola Ram’ as my pen name. Bhola means naive, but somehow the Shambhala and zen spiritual circles protect me from the deceptive feminine and the monsters they are, the monsters, Peter Lipton’s life is a witness to.

As I respect Lu Haberly and other old-time physiologists, experimental chauvinism, and conduct experimental psychology on autistic patients, I express a deep silence to honor the experimentalist's viewpoints as complementary and supportive of we the theoreticians.