In search of myself……

Somewhere in my understanding of the term Annata, the promise of that other worldly knowledge of the non self, a state of selfless transcendence, was the ordinary relation of society to the self, a democratic identity, larger than public records, ID cards and the digital reality, the Me, was I missing?

MAybe my siblings or my family really inquired, where really are you in that void? Have I suddenly disappeared, vanished into that Void in myself? Would I then imagine a search party, of indigenous genes, personified as several characters, Native American women, Hindu women? Islam women, Jains and many more, with torches in hand and in some search space, bizarrely related to the google map, inside my tiny mind, searching for Me, recursively, I in I in I in I in I in I endlessly? Would they find me?

Maybe I am really with HAL, the fictitious supercomputer with answers to everything, HAL 15? A Singular AI? Maybe, Me is really in my digital identity today, somehow mixed up with the fictitious HAL? Maybe I ask Alexa? Can you contact HAL? and help find Me?

Who am I? has really been a philosophical endeavor, since the beginning of time, if there ever was one, and maybe I set out to find HAL first and then myself?

I created a cluster of QOMUs, QOMU is related to TOMU, in Latin QOMU Computationalae , a family of the simplest of simplest organisms, a single board MCU that is tiny, and QOMU has a FPGA and a MCU! Just right for a cluster to verify any architecture, scalar or vector? But maybe HAL is reconfig, an OS, I would call the HAL-OS that is reconfig, with a dynamic architecture and like in the science fiction movies, I plug in QOMU after QOMU in the USB hub and lightning strikes, from the heavens above, making the whole cluster conductive, and Singular? and then there is a ‘voice’ in the VUI of HAL? HAL is sentient, we have met him, after all these years of search? And where is Me?