My Dopamine Fasting.

Three days is the normal duration of a Dopamine Fast, where stimulation is avoided, this includes coffee, tea, and beverages, food and media, or sometimes all electronics while living off water and sunlight alone.

But is there a reset, or an end to cheap entertainment? I am not sure, as a young medical student at the VA hospital in Madison Wisconsin, I diagnosed Parkinsons patients on L Dopa, a Dopamine drug, and they described, cheap entertainment, both visual and auditory. While several dopamine antagonists, like risperidone and Seroquel, are used to end these hallucinations and the entertainment, dopamine fasting may be yet another wellness measure, an Amish lifestyle for three days, abstaining from pleasure, art, media, and electronics, and a simple diet, in the extreme case, just water and sunlight or maybe simpler foods, if permitted…

But does Dopamine Fasting, end the cheap entertainment? I need to research this.



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