Anil Kumar B
2 min readAug 24, 2023



Solarians and sun bird hood.

Bing machine dreams a SETI setup in Samoa

The Solarians and the Sun Bird Hood: The Enigma of Seti Coconut Grove

In the heart of the pristine American Samoa, nestled on a coconut grove island, the Solarians embarked on a groundbreaking journey in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. They had devised a unique project powered by a catalytic bimetallic copper and aluminum thermoelectric source. This innovative source used the heat generated from burning coconut chips as its primary fuel.

At the heart of their project was a mysterious crystal motor, driven by a bimetallic strip vortex air fan, which defied conventional understanding. The fan's motion seemed to synchronize with the whispers of the island's lush foliage, creating an otherworldly ambiance.

Their SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) device was a true marvel. It featured a core component: a pool of liquid mercury encircled by meticulously arranged quartz crystals. Each crystal was capable of emitting solitons, a form of solitary waves that held profound meaning in an alphabet of solitons, represented by the symbol [s], the alphabet. Solarians hoped that using natural language in natural electromagnetism would be less of a puzzle to other humans elsewhere than other extra terrestrial humans suddenly realising the pollution terraformers were creating.

The crystals could be switched with mercury, altering the frequency distribution and amplitude of the solitons they emitted.

The Solarians designed a natural computer, a symbiosis of technology and nature. This remarkable creation converted written text into the language of solitons using electrophoretic ferro liquid crystal e-paper. When someone wrote on this e-paper with a special pen, the ferro liquid crystals would respond to the electrical charges, transmuting the written words into solitons.

As the Solarians began their mission, they gazed at the shimmering night sky, waiting for signals from distant galaxies. With the power of their innovative SETI device and the enigmatic language of solitons, they hoped to decipher messages from civilizations beyond the stars, connecting the dots between the mysteries of the universe and the wisdom of the coconut grove island.