The Revanth Effect is defined in diversity as the correction, added to the misguided artist, who depicts essential rain bearing dark clouds, in the context of afro-american demographics, this tragic artistic misendaevor of misintrepreting the natural in so unnatural themes, is the tragedy.

The Revanth effect , seen on the frozen stream and an image of food security with a edible farm chicken grilled to perfection, whole, is seen as an end to such dicotomies in misinterpreting clouds, white or black, passing by.

Education is thus seen as something natural, inherited much like eiffel language data structures from the knowledge of natural life, rather than synthetic knowledge inspired by an oil slick.

As we fight the oncology of that ugly slick, saving every bird of culture with detergent, restoring it with dry paper towels and nourishing it with oil, protecting every feather of indigenous life in it, education has its diversity, a molecular atomicity, already inherent in it, preserved and undisturbed , in out inheritance of knowledge form nature.