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10,000 B.C may have been an Utopian era, but as depicted in the movie franchise, it had “early man”, in a struggle for freedom!

At B.C, the Open A.I like company, generating IP has been more design centric, so to uplift teh common programmer, from the shackles of brute force approaches, was a need for evolution to design and architecture. And the need for UX, a mascot? in the design operations and the flow.

The mascot was the Trio(TM), a team of three “heroes” , Little Lisa who lives on in Ontario Canada, and Calvin and Hobbes, from Bill Watterson’s imaginarium.

The Trio(TM) inhabit the tree fort, and jeer at Susie Derkins, who cannot understand algorithms or the harder architecture patterns.

How hard is design with design patterns? and templates? Trio(TM) is here to introduce just this as super six year old kids, who never grow up!

The trio(TM) represent the creative in B.C, the need for innovation, above Agile Scrum and mundane coding practices. The supremacy of mathematics and algorithms over hacking and code.

And there is CoreDump, after the unix coredump, for tutorials, a dump to debug. Since people love to debug, when something is wrong, and is today, like Bill Watterson points out, the attack on the creative? The CoreDump, a series of books available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited are tutorials, edutainment and the dump, to debug and trace the execution, the mere autopilot and to be with the Trio(TM), out of the box.

The sad reality is the trademark, given B.C is the open technology movement, much like gcc and GNU, there is still the patent, a creative commons public license.